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Based in Florida, Gardners US is part of the Little Group of companies, which also owns All Media Supply (AMS), Gardners UK and Gardners EU. Gardners US brings American bookstores access to over 200,000 British Books with efficient domestic shipping options.

Your account with Gardners US gives you access to an extensive range of over 200,000 British Books, all available via our seamless domestic shipping service. You will have full account management on our US website, you will be able to keep on top of your orders, financial documents, shipments and much more!


Gardners US, 4151 W 108TH Street, Suite 19, Hialeah, FL 33018, USA


+1 954 203 4201

  • Range of over 200,000 British books, ready to ship from our US site.
  • Access to any eligible British book in print, from thousands of publishers.
  • Seamless domestic shipping.
  • Full account management on our website.